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A complimentary 15 minute consultation is encouraged to see if acupuncture could help you, either in person or by phone on 07713 604095.
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What happens at your treatment?
The initial consultation may take around 1.5 hours, as it is important for me to gain a full and accurate view of you and your health. You will be asked a wide array of questions ranging from your current symptoms, your medical and family history, to your diet, digestive system, sleeping patterns and emotional state. Additional diagnostic tools include pulse taking in 3 positions on both wrists and looking at the tongue, and gentle abdominal palpation may also be required.  A detailed diagnosis will be made so that I can put together a treatment plan specifically for you.
Subsequent treatments last up to 1 hour. Ultra fine, sterile, disposable needles are gently inserted into acupuncture points.  Points may not be close to the part of the body where the problem is experienced; this is due to the extensive network of channels through which energy flows around the body. The needles may be inserted and left in for a period of time, or removed immediately, depending on the treatment needed. The number of needles may vary for the same reason.but is rarely more than 10-12. 

The length, number and frequency of treatments will vary from person to person depending on the conditions being treated, your age and health, and how you respond to acupuncture.  Acupuncture is a natural medicine that is assisting your body to make changes.  This can be a gradual process so I usually advise 6 weekly treatments initially, and then discuss the next steps with you.

Other treatments may include:
Moxibustion often used alongside acupunctureMoxibustion using a Chinese herb  to bring gentle warmth to an acupuncture point, either by slow burning small moxa cones, or on the end of a needle, or sometimes using a cigar shaped roll gently near a point. Acupuncture and moxibustion are considered complementary forms of treatments and are commonly used together.
Gua Sha is often used alongside acupunctureGua Sha is another technique used to release muscle tension, tightness and constriction, by gently scraping the skin over a problem area with a specialised tool.  This feels similar to a deep massage and may leave some redness which would clear up over a few days.
Cupping is often used alongside acupunctureCupping  A vacuum is created inside a clean glass cup and the cup is placed firmly onto the skin. It is a therapy that is particularly good at moving Qi and Blood stagnation in painful areas by increasing blood circulation.  There may be some redness on the skin for a few days

Auricular acupunctureAuricular Acupuncture can be effective for mental/emotional disturbances including anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and many different types of pain. However, the most common use of auricular acupuncture is for something called the NADA protocol which is a highly effective way to address addiction of any kind and is used all over the world.