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I was told at 34 weeks that my baby was laying breech, which was a sudden worry for me as this is my second pregnancy and has been going extremely smoothly! I went away and did some investigation via google and you tube about ECV's (just to worry myself even more.) I knew personally this was not the route i wanted to take, let alone an elective c-section! 
After speaking to other mummy friends suggesting different positions to possibly help baby turn naturally, i was introduced to moxibustion, which is where i did further investigation, and knew, this was something I wanted to try, loving the fact that it wasn't in any way intrusive to myself or the baby. I found Beth's website and immediately contacted her. 
Beth made me feel extremely comfortable, asking a few background questions and started the procedure. I was absolutely amazed at exactly what the whole experience was about, and how relaxing it made me feel. I knew if I was unlucky for it not to work, then it was an hour of feeling very relaxed which is hard these days with a 2.5 year old. 
Beth made it very clear on what was happening during the procedure, and what exactly i had to do to carry on at home for further 10 days. I came away feeling very positive again and determined that it was going to work 100% 
Two evenings later, I was woken in the night by what I thought baby had turned as it was obvious what was happening. It was rather painful. I later got it confirmed that baby had turned and was laying head down :-)))))) my midwife was extremely impressed and was very happy for me. 
I can’t quite thank Beth enough I knew there may have been a chance it wouldn't have worked, but I felt I had to try something. I feel as a mother, this should be introduced to every woman that has a breech laying baby, it could help so many other worried women like me, and feel positive again! 
HH, Bucks

Meeting Beth was a key moment along my journey to become a mother.My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for over a year when someone recommended I try acupuncture.From the first appointment, Beth put me immediately at ease and I found the treatment very relaxing. I'm not sure how the acupuncture worked it's magic but I always felt great after the sessions and it was helpful to have a place to go once a week just to relax and concentrate on my own wellbeing. 

Aside from the excellent treatment, what Beth offers is so much more. She was a confidante and a counsellor to me when I was struggling with unexplained infertility. When dealing with this sensitive condition, I found it invaluable to talk to Beth in a way that can sometimes be difficult with friends or even loved ones. Beth helped me hold a mirror up to myself and realise that by addressing diet, sleep and work related stress, as well as having acupuncture, I could make lots of small changes that might help create better conditions for falling pregnant. This holistic approach was the key, and in November last year I fell pregnant with my now 11 week old beautiful baby girl.   Thank you Beth.
HP, Aylesbury

Acupuncture for me has been a 100% positive experience.  When I first attended I was in a very difficult and stressful situation, and I knew nothing about acupuncture. I feel that it has affected my whole being in so many ways, and has motivated me to care much more for myself. It has made a life-changing difference and I would recommend it to anyone.
DB Bucks

The difference that acupuncture made to the physical and emotional experience of my second pregnancy was immediate, palpable and beyond my highest hopes.  Beth's approach was hugely collaborative; she shaped a broad treatment plan to help with any general pregnancy related issues, as well as focussing on any specific hot spots I was experiencing.

As the trimesters passed, I could feel my body become increasingly in tune with Beth's the extent that if I arrived at an appointment with a specific problem, I would feel a difference by the end of the session.

I cannot recommend Beth's treatment strongly enough to help support, strengthen and nurture a pregnancy.
HK, Oxon

I met Beth last year, when I was at a very low point in my life. I was 2 years post breast cancer, and trying to get back to a 'normal' way of life. I felt tired, run down, and was dealing with a forced menopause from side effects of chemo and Tamoxifen.  My hot flushes were ruling my life, at my worst point I was having over 100 a day.

Beth treated me with absolute compassion, she really got under my skin... (excuse the pun) not only giving me acupuncture, but counselling as well, something which very obviously comes naturally to her. After the first treatment I felt like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders, and my hot flushes reduced considerably over the following week. from that day to this I have improved in so many aspects of my life, both physically and mentally. Some of the improvements include better sleep, almost non existent hot flushes, feeling more confident, better bowel movements, pain relief from aching muscles, fewer headaches.... and that's just for starters!!
I would recommend Beth wholeheartedly.
DL Bucks

I started seeing Beth around February 2012 and this was due to a number of reasons; I have always been a very highly strung person and stress has always been something I have battled with. Also I had been trying for a baby for around 9 months and things were not really happening. I have always had a huge issues with needles and normally any blood tests, injections etc I nearly always stir myself up and then end up passing out. Beth through many email communications assured me and made me feel much more relaxed about the treatment itself. My first treatment I had a little wobble but since then I really have no issue with the needles at all and I look forward to my sessions and how they make me feel. 
 Within a few weeks people I work with, family and my husband noticed a marked change in me and commented on how much happier and relaxed I seemed. I was amazed that everyone was commenting on it and to extent of colleagues saying I even looked better. Having been so stressed out for so many years with work I was one who took things to heart and tormented myself with things that I had no control over and since having treatment I have found letting go of things much easier, still not totally easy but better and I do not fly off the handle anywhere near as much as I used to. My blood pressure has always been an issue and that is now hugely improved as is my overall health and well being. 

On the baby front Beth was an amazing sounding board and source of support and comfort during a very difficult and stressful time when trying for a baby, she is and has always been someone I can turn to for support or just advice. The treatment helped regulate my cycles and also with all the other health benefits everything seemed to fall into place and I am now 32 weeks pregnant expecting my first baby in April 2013. I was trying for nearly two years but with the use of acupuncture I truly feel that my state of mind and health was hugely improved especially my stress levels which I am convinced had a negative effect on getting pregnant and my life in general. I would 100% recommend Beth and Acupuncture it is an amazing feeling of calm and Beth is a wonderful lady who I have made a great friend in
MW, Aylesbury

I have osteo arthritis in my spine and was finding it increasingly difficult to walk properly or have a good night’s sleep and concerned at the amount of medication I was taking.  As there is little that conventional medicine can do for arthritis I decided to have a chat with Beth to see what acupuncture could offer me.  Feeling somewhat sceptical about the claims of the effectiveness of acupuncture I decided to go ahead and started weekly treatments, which, after a few weeks, have now reduced to about once a month.
It is about three months since treatment started and I can honestly say that the pain in my back has eased considerably and I have been able to reduce the need for painkillers.  I am also able to sleep much better.  I believe that acupuncture is being used for a variety of reasons but personally I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending acupuncture as an effective therapy for pain, and to generally promote physical and emotional wellbeing.  It certainly has been extremely beneficial in my case.  Beth is a very gentle, understanding and warm hearted person, easy to talk to with a very professional approach.  She explained everything to me as we went along and put me completely at ease.
JU  Bucks

Our 15 year old daughter had been suffering with weekly major migraines, and had been prescribed several different medicines by the doctor, which were largely ineffective. These migraines were so severe that she was missing at least one day of school most weeks, and was becoming a cause of major interruption to her education.  Although we were rather sceptical about how effective acupuncture (or any alternative practices) could be, Beth suggested that since conventional medical treatment wasn’t working, that our daughter should try acupuncture.   Our  daughter really didn’t like  the  concept have having acupuncture needles stuck in her, so she started with a session of acupressure. After Beth explained and demonstrated what she was going to be doing with the acupuncture needles, she was persuaded to allow Beth to commence acupuncture on her.   After about ten weekly acupuncture sessions, she no longer suffers from any migraines which is amazing.   Beth explained everything that she was doing and impressed us with her thoughtful and very professional attitude and delivery of this practice. We can’t thank Beth enough for what she has done, and although we can’t explain it, this has worked and we’d be pleased to recommend not only acupuncture as an alternative to conventional medicine, but also Beth Bennett Acupuncture. It’s magic !      
IB & AB, Thame

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the beginning of 2011, my treatment ended in the summer of that year.  Although the treatment went well (I am one of the lucky ones who caught it early and have an extremely good prognosis), the treatments & emotional roller coaster it took us on left me with quite severe tension in my neck, often causing headaches & that feeling of being out of sorts.
Beth is easy to talk to, a great listener, empathetic, caring & thoughtful. I'm never quite sure what those tiny little needles do, but what I am sure of is that I don't suffer with tension anymore and as an added bonus, my migraines, which I have suffered with regularly for the last ten years are few & far between.
JD Bucks

I went to see Beth to get some help with some infertility and stress issues. I have to admit I was a bit dubious at the start about going but it worked miracles, I don’t feel stressed I am relaxed and happy and it worked as I am now 5 months pregnant.  The needles are tiny so you hardly feel anything and I cannot recommend or thank Beth enough for all the help and support she has given me over the last year.  I would recommend it to anybody!
KM, Aylesbury

I went to see Beth with an open mind, but still with a sense of “does it really work” ....not only is it  working  but Beth’s holistic approach has been a breath of fresh air. I can’t recommend her enough.
JM, Aylesbury 

In the run up to my wedding last year I was under enormous pressure with work, the wedding and moving house (isn't it always best to do things in threes?!).  Beth helped restore my equilibrium during this stressful time and brought me moments of calm, gave me refreshing sleep and also stopped me from getting sick before the big day.   I would recommend her to anyone with either a specific problem or that tricky sense of feeling not quite right but not sure what is wrong as she is fabulous at sniffing out the cause.  She brings with her an amazing sense of calm and her empathatic manner puts everyone at ease. 
LM, Tring