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What is holistic massage?

Holistic Massage is a therapeutic form of touch, and always aims to cater for what you want and need at the time of your visit. I look at the causes of any problems you might have and work with you as a whole, to help restore your natural inner balance. I only do massage as part of an acupuncture treatment, not as a standalone treatment.

Massage can help physically by relaxing tight muscles, improving circulation, nervous function and joint mobility, but also emotionally by reducing stress, soothing the busy mind, and enhancing self esteem , leading to changes in energy and providing opportunity for personal change and growth. 
I hold an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage and am a Member of the Complementary Therapists Association. I continue to improve my skills by undertaking regular continuing professional development (CPD).

Holistic massage
What happens at your treatment?

Your massage will take place in a comfortable and calming environment, with lighting set to your preference and music of your choice should you want it.  Your body will be covered at all times with soft towels, with the exception of the area I'm working on. 

At each visit I'll have a chat with you about what you would like to gain from your treatment, and on the initial visit we will fill in a questionnaire to ensure there are no contra-indications to treatment. You will undress in private and change into a gown, with your dignity, comfort and safety being my top priorities.

Holistic massage can take you into a deep state of relaxation, but can also be used for re-energising, and also for pain relief of tense areas such as necks or backs.


1. Have a heavy meal after a treatment - allow 4-6 hours. Your body is in a healing state and is thus resting - massage stimulates the digestive system and therefore might make you feel nauseous. 
2. Drink a lot of caffeine drinks (eg tea, coffee, Red Bull) or stimulants - allow 12-24 hours. Alcohol may cause dehydration. 
3. Smoke - allow 12-24 hours. 
4. Rush around or exercise vigorously - allow a few hours. This will limit the effects of the massage. 
5. Ignore your body's messages. You might feel faint, tired and/or thirsty. 

1. Relax for a while after a treatment. Have a bath to continue the relaxation process or listen to soft relaxing music. 
2. Give feedback to the therapist about the treatment. 
3. Wrap up warmly. You might feel cold after a treatment. 
4. Take care when driving home as your reflexes might be slower. You may feel faint or tired. 
5. Drink plenty of water, fruit juice or herbal teas.  Your body might have been drained of lymphatic waste and toxins which may result in being thirsty and the water will help flush all the waste and toxins away.  Water will help the detoxifying process and to rehydrate your body. 
6. Pay attention to general posture. Sitting up and walking straight is of importance. 
7. Have a nap or rest if you can - it will make the muscles relax and make the massage last longer.